Growing More Profitable and Resilient Farms and Communities

Project Title: The Pasture Project

The Pasture Project helps farmers become more profitable, resilient and environmentally sound by rebuilding their soils. Focused in the Midwestern United States, this project works directly with farmers to emphasize the powerful positive impact of regularly rotating livestock from one plot of land to another. At the same time, the project builds and strengthens the community of grazing supporters and addresses policy issues that challenge the expansion of smart grazing and livestock management practices. Well-managed livestock can address many critical environmental issues, while also generating additional farm income. They’re also a tool for providing new opportunities for young farmers and the rural communities that rely on their success. The mission is to spread these benefits on over 200,000 acres over the next 10 years.

Funder: Walton Family Foundation
Project Start: 11/01/2015
Project End: 12/02/2018


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