Winrock harnesses science, technology and innovation to enhance livelihoods and address environmental and social challenges related to Forestry and Land Use. Our Forestry and Land Use programs draw from a half-century of leadership in strengthening forestry institutions. We collaborate with partners using an adaptive learning approach. Together, we identify best practices and tools for improved forest and land use management and increased resilience. For all Services and Solutions, click here.

Wetlands at Oxnard, CA

Carbon Banking on California Wetlands

Project Title: Wetlands Carbon Sequestration Protocol

Healthy wetlands have the potential to store large amounts of carbon. Winrock’s American Carbon Registry (ACR) is developing a methodology that will encourage wetlands restoration in California by allowing those who undertake conservation projects to generate offsets that can be sold on the state’s carbon market.



Attribution of net carbon change by disturbance type across forest lands of the conterminous United States

ACTIVITY SUMMARY: Climate Smart Livelihoods to Support Sustainable Forest Mangement

SUCCESS STORY: Participatory Forest Land Allocation in Thanh Hoa

SUCCESS STORY: A Bamboo Development Strategy for Thanh Hoa

SUCCESS STORY: Supporting Green Growth in Thanh Hoa

SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPES: Vietnam Forests and Delta Program

SUCCESS STORY: The 2nd Red River Delta Symposiam

SUCCESS STORY: Working with Schools to Tackle Climate Change

SUCCESS STORY: Lowering the Negative Environmental Impacts of Rice Cultivation

SUCCESS STORY: Improving PFES Implementation through Communities of Practice

USAID Supporting Forests and Biodiversity Project Performance Indicator Achievements

Guidance Document: Options for Nesting REDD+ Projects

Creating A Legal Basis for Community Co- Management of Wetlands

Pioneering Mangrove Valuation Research

USAID LEAF Final Report

Partnering For Results

Role of Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use Mitigation in INDCs and National Policy in Asia

High Carbon Stock Consulting Study 3: Review of aboveground biomass estimation techniques

Financing Land Use Mitigation: A Practical Guide for Decision-Makers


Final Biodiversity Assessment Report of Prey Lang

Implementation of Guyana’s National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) for REDD+

Prey Lang Forest Landscape Biodiversity Assessment

Exploring Conservation Success in the Eastern Plains and Prey Lang Landscapes, Volume 2

Pay For Performance Infographic

Milwaukee River Pay-for-Performance Project Factsheet

The Reference Level for Guyana’s REDD+ Program

Land Use in a Future Climate Agreement

Analysis of Approaches for REDD+ Verification

Exploring Conservation Success in the Eastern Plains and Prey Lang Landscapes

Carbon emissions from tropical forest degradation caused by logging

Forest Carbon Monitoring System: Emission Factors and their Uncertainties, Version 2

What Does Zero Deforestation Mean?

Benchmark Map of Forest Carbon Stocks in Tropical Regions Across Three Continents

Estimation of Aboveground Carbon Stocks

Opportunities and Challenges for Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Forests

Transaction Costs for Carbon Sequestration Projects in the Tropical Forest Sector

Cambodia REDD+ Roadmap: Development of a Reference Scenario and Design of a Monitoring System

Scoping of Opportunities and Institutional Assessment for Malawi’s Engagement in the Carbon Markets

Comparison of Different Registries and Methodologies for Reporting Carbon Credits for Afforestation Projects in the United States

Technical Guidance on Development of REDD+ Reference Level

Winrock Sample Plot Calculator Spreadsheet Tool

Ecosystem Services (Servicios de Ecosistemas)