Winrock improves Food Security and nutrition by transforming the way food is produced, sold and consumed. Our approach to Food Security is built around principles championed by Winrock International founding board member Norman Borlaug, who sought to elevate smallholder farmers out of hunger and poverty through the use of agriculture science. Smallholder farmers face constant challenges posed by changing weather patterns and the need to improve productivity to keep pace with ongoing increases in population and prosperity. We help smallholder farmers increase productivity, foster entrepreneurship and gain access to resources, markets and services. We work with households and communities to address social, cultural and economic barriers to good nutrition. To ensure the sustainability of our Food Security interventions, we build the capacity of governments to deliver important services, mobilize private sector investments in food systems and facilitate an inclusive, enabling environment for agricultural transformation. Resilience depends upon efficient delivery systems for information, products and services. For all Services and Solutions, click here.

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Expanding Choice: Delivering Local Food Options Where They’re Needed Most

Project Title: Capacity for Food Chains

Communities that most need healthy and affordable food options often have the fewest choices. The Wallace Center at Winrock International collaborates with vulnerable communities to establish value chains that make nutritious and local food available to everyone. This happens through training, mentoring, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and by fostering collaboration between organizations committed to delivering the benefits of good food to all.


In Mississippi, Healthier Living with Local Food

Project Title: Capacity for Food Chains in Mississippi

The need for affordable and healthy food is especially acute in Mississippi, a state that routinely leads the nation in obesity and poverty rates. The Wallace Center at Winrock International collaborates with communities, farmers, wholesale distributors and others to build local food value chains that will make healthy and fresh food readily available in the state’s schools, hospitals and stores.

Starting a Movement: Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

Project Title: Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

American consumers increasingly recognize that locally grown food is not only fresh and delicious, but also provides communities important environmental and economic benefits. The Wallace Center at Winrock International is collaborating with farmers, wholesalers, distributors and other partners in Maryland to meet the state’s burgeoning demand for local food through food hubs. By delivering collective marketing, packaging, product aggregation and other activities, food hubs improve the financial viability of producers and increase the availability of nutritious food.