Every cherry, apricot or apple that spoils means lost nutrition for a consumer and reduced income for a farmer. Winrock helps provide access to the financing, equipment and clean energy required to establish cold chains — temperature-controlled storage and transportation — that ensure that agricultural products make it to market fresh and ready for purchase. An added benefit: cold storage reduces the possibility of food-borne illness.

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Spreading the Good Food News

Project Title: Building Capacity for Regional Food Systems

Increasing awareness that local food is nutritious and good for both the environment and the economy has propelled the growth of regional food economies. In order to encourage more investment in regional food systems and sustainable agriculture, it’s important to showcase the benefits to local economies and communities. This program seeks to build awareness by assisting The Wallace Center at Winrock International in expanding the reach of its National Good Food Network by developing a regional food economies working group and fellows program, and by supporting a national communications strategy that underscores the economic benefits of fostering local food systems.