Pakstani fishers

A staggering 40 percent of the food produced in the developing world spoils or is thrown away before reaching consumers; it’s a level of waste that harms the incomes of farmers and the good health of people who miss out on the nutritional benefits of fresh food. Cold chains — which are temperature-controlled supply chains — help reduce waste by ensuring that produce, fish and meat arrive at the market fresh and attractive to shoppers. Winrock helps establish cold chains by facilitating the financing and transfer of necessary storage and transport technologies, and by training those who will use them.

Fishing for Success in Bangladesh

Project Title: USDA Food for Progress (SAFETI)

Bangladesh’s aquaculture industry is growing, but its small-scale shrimp and prawn producers still need help. They lack the resources and the knowledge of international standards to run farms and hatcheries to their full potential. By providing farmers with technical training and access to financial services — and by building the capacity of the trade associations and government agencies they work with — this project aims to boost livelihoods, increase productivity in the shrimp and prawn industries, and improve food quality and safety in Bangladesh.


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