Whether it’s increasing crop yields or improving access to the right seeds and fertilizer, all of Winrock’s agriculture programs strive to make a genuine impact on people’s lives and their livelihoods. But in all that we do, we also seek to eventually make ourselves irrelevant. Our approach always includes a strong element of capacity development so that local populations and organizations have the skills, technologies and expertise they need to sustainably plan and manage their own futures.

Developing Delta Entrepreneurs

Project Title: Delta Innovation Fund

Budding entrepreneurs in the Mississippi River Delta region often lack resources crucial to business success — a deficit that discourages job creation, stunts economic growth and perpetuates persistent poverty. To address these issues, the Delta I-Fund program, in partnership with the Delta Regional Authority, trains cohorts of entrepreneurs in successful startup practices, connects them with local business mentors and provides them with capital sourced from private investors. Bolstered by knowledge and funding, these businesspeople are better prepared to bring their innovative ideas to life.


Contact: Jeff Stinson



Fishing for Success in Bangladesh

Project Title: USDA Food for Progress (SAFETI)

Bangladesh’s aquaculture industry is growing, but its small-scale shrimp and prawn producers still need help. They lack the resources and the knowledge of international standards to run farms and hatcheries to their full potential. By providing farmers with technical training and access to financial services — and by building the capacity of the trade associations and government agencies they work with — this project aims to boost livelihoods, increase productivity in the shrimp and prawn industries, and improve food quality and safety in Bangladesh.


Contact: William Collis

Location: Bangladesh

Phone: +880 58815972


Contact: Mojeeb Stanikzai

Location: Arlington, VA

Phone: (703) 302 6557

Sign reads "Locally Grown Foods Sold Here"

Expanding Choice: Delivering Local Food Options Where They’re Needed Most

Project Title: Capacity for Food Chains

Communities that most need healthy and affordable food options often have the fewest choices. The Wallace Center at Winrock International collaborates with vulnerable communities to establish value chains that make nutritious and local food available to everyone. This happens through training, mentoring, peer-to-peer learning opportunities and by fostering collaboration between organizations committed to delivering the benefits of good food to all.

Starting a Movement: Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

Project Title: Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

American consumers increasingly recognize that locally grown food is not only fresh and delicious, but also provides communities important environmental and economic benefits. The Wallace Center at Winrock International is collaborating with farmers, wholesalers, distributors and other partners in Maryland to meet the state’s burgeoning demand for local food through food hubs. By delivering collective marketing, packaging, product aggregation and other activities, food hubs improve the financial viability of producers and increase the availability of nutritious food.

Spreading the Good Food News

Project Title: Building Capacity for Regional Food Systems

Increasing awareness that local food is nutritious and good for both the environment and the economy has propelled the growth of regional food economies. In order to encourage more investment in regional food systems and sustainable agriculture, it’s important to showcase the benefits to local economies and communities. This program seeks to build awareness by assisting The Wallace Center at Winrock International in expanding the reach of its National Good Food Network by developing a regional food economies working group and fellows program, and by supporting a national communications strategy that underscores the economic benefits of fostering local food systems.




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