The climate is changing. In order to adapt to the increasingly frequent droughts and intense storms that result from climate change, farmers must adapt (ideally in advance) the crops they grow and the practices they use. Winrock’s global experience tackling challenges like irrigation and seed selection is a benefit as local communities work to develop agricultural systems resilient to climate change.



Tech4Farmers Challenge – Identifying Regional Solutions

ACTIVITY SUMMARY: Climate Smart Livelihoods to Support Sustainable Forest Mangement

Assessing Demand for Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Financing Solar Water Pumps for Smallholders in Kenya


KIWASH Approach to Solar Pump Financing for Smallholders

Financing Commercial Sales of Solar Water Pumps to Smallholders in Kenya

Juhudi Kilimo

Ecosmart / Winrock / Kaves / Future Pump Parternership on Solar Water Pump Promotion

KSSI Project Technology Profile and Pump Assessments

Exploring Conservation Success in the Eastern Plains and Prey Lang Landscapes, Volume 2

Rainfall and Crop Modeling to Improve Rice Farmers’ Yields in Indonesia

Valuing the Ecosystem Services Provided by Mangroves in Bangladesh

Land Use in a Future Climate Agreement

Analysis of Approaches for REDD+ Verification

LEDS capacity building for Government of Macedonia institutions: A pathway to sustainable development

Exploring Conservation Success in the Eastern Plains and Prey Lang Landscapes

Carbon emissions from tropical forest degradation caused by logging

Impact of Logging on Carbon Stocks of Tropical Forests: The Republic of Congo Case Study

Impact of Logging on Carbon Stocks of Forests: Chihuahua Mexico Case Study

Benchmark Map of Forest Carbon Stocks in Tropical Regions Across Three Continents

Baseline Map of Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in Tropical Regions

Baselines for Land-use Change in the Tropics: Application to Avoided Deforestation Projects

Estimation of Aboveground Carbon Stocks

Opportunities and Challenges for Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Forests

Measurement Guidelines for the Sequestration of Forest Carbon

Sectoral Specification for Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use; Panda Standard

Transaction Costs for Carbon Sequestration Projects in the Tropical Forest Sector

Cambodia REDD+ Roadmap: Development of a Reference Scenario and Design of a Monitoring System

Scoping of Opportunities and Institutional Assessment for Malawi’s Engagement in the Carbon Markets

Estimating Carbon Supply Curves from Afforestation of Agricultural Land in the Northeastern U.S.

Comparison of Different Registries and Methodologies for Reporting Carbon Credits for Afforestation Projects in the United States

Forest and Carbon Markets: Opportunities for Sustainable Development

Technical Guidance on Development of REDD+ Reference Level

Winrock Sample Plot Calculator Spreadsheet Tool

Standard Operating Procedures for Terrestrial Carbon Measurement Manual

Sourcebook for Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry Projects

Carbon and Co-Benefits from Sustainable Land-Use Management. Deliverable 17: Impact of Logging on Carbon Stocks of Forests: The Brazilian Amazon as a Case Study

Opportunities for Improving Carbon Storage through Afforestation of Agricultural Lands

Emissions and Potential Emission Reductions from Hazardous Fuel Treatments in the WESTCARB Region

Opportunities for Improving Carbon Storage and Management on Forest Lands

Comparison of Terrestrial Carbon Mitigation Options in the Northeast United States

Carbon Impacts from Selective Logging of Forests in Berau District, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

REDD+ Carbon Methodology Development: A Decade of Leadership by Winrock International

Measuring Leakage From Carbon Projects in Open Economies: A Stop Timber Harvesting Project in Bolivia as a Case Study

Tree Allometry and Improved Estimation of Carbon Stocks and Balance in Tropical Forests

Creating a Virtual Tropical Forest from Three-Dimensional Aerial Imagery: Application for Estimating Carbon Stocks

The Influence of Conversion of Forest Types on Carbon Sequestration and Other Ecosystem Services in the South Central United States

Guidebook for the Formulation of AR Projects Under the CDM

Identifying Optimal Areas for REDD Intervention: East Kalimantan, Indonesia as a Case Study

Land Use and Forests, Carbon Monitoring and Global Change

Use of Aerial Digital Imagery to Measure the Impact of Selective Logging on Carbon Stocks of Tropical Forest in the Republic of Congo

Spatial Patterns of Aboveground Production and Mortality of Woody Biomass for Eastern U.S. Forests

Issues and Challenges for Forest-Based Carbon-Offset Projects: A Case Study of the Noel Kempff Climate Action Project in Bolivia

Measuring Carbon in Forests: Current Status and Future Challenges

Estimating Baseline Carbon Emissions for the Eastern Panama Canal Watershed

A Conceptual Framework and its Application for Addressing Leakage

Ecosystem Services (Servicios de Ecosistemas)

Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (USAID LEAF)

Tibetan Sustainable Environmental Resources for Increased Economic Growth (TSERING)

Payments for Environmental Services (PES) to Benefit the Rural Poor

Smart Climate Change Adaptation for Development of Rural Agriculture in Indonesia

Terrestrial Carbon Stock Calculator Tool

Tree Biomass Destructive Harvesting Calculation Tool

Estimating Carbon Emissions Factors from Selective Logging