Senegal Fisheries Biodiversity and Livelihoods (FBL)

Feed the Future KISAN II

West Africa Farmer-to-Farmer

Knowledge Exchange for Solar Water Pumping

Feed the Future Resilient Agricultural Markets Activity (RAMA) – Nacala Corridor

- Legacy -
Value Chains for Rural Development in Burma (VC-RD)

Ghana Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project (AgNRM)

- Legacy -
Feed the Future KISAN

Pakistan Agricultural Development (PAD)

Feed the Future Asia Innovative Farmers Activity (AIFA)

Safe Aqua Farming for Economic and Trade Improvement (SAFETI)

Philippines Cold Chain Project (PCCP)

- Legacy -

Bangladesh FY15 Food for Peace (Nobo Jatra)

- Legacy -
Farmer-to-Farmer for Agriculture Education and Training

- Legacy -
Asia Farmer-to-Farmer

- Legacy -
Guinea Agriculture Education and Market Improvement Program

Egypt Food Security and Agribusiness Support (FAS)

- Legacy -

Capacity for Food Chains

- Legacy -
Ethiopia LAND

Christopher Dowswell Scholarship Fund

Wallace Center

- Legacy -
Strengthening Partnerships, Results and Innovations in Nutrition Globally

Sasakawa Africa Fund for Education (SAFE)

Regional Food Systems Development

- Legacy -
Liberia Food and Enterprise Development

- Legacy -
Strengthening Sustainable Farming and Local Food Systems

- Legacy -
Capacity for Food Chains in Mississippi

- Legacy -
Farmers Market Promotion Program 2014

Nourishing Networks

- Legacy -
Building a Maryland Food Hub Network

Building Capacity for Regional Food Systems

- Legacy -
Cold Chain Bangladesh Alliance

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