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Since launching our work in Bangladesh in the 1980s, Winrock’s primary focus has been on strengthening the country’s critical agriculture sector. Activities have included providing instruction and technical expertise to help Bangladeshi farmers and fishers increase their production and develop and serve markets for shrimp and maize and other promising homegrown products. In recent years, our efforts have included augmenting climate change resiliency through collaborations with communities to manage critical wetlands and other agricultural land that Bangladeshis rely on for their livelihoods. A cross-cutting theme through all of our projects has been promoting the role of women through education and leadership development.

Fishing for Success in Bangladesh

Project Title: USDA Food for Progress (SAFETI)

Bangladesh’s aquaculture industry is growing, but its small-scale shrimp and prawn producers still need help. They lack the resources and the knowledge of international standards to run farms and hatcheries to their full potential. By providing farmers with technical training and access to financial services — and by building the capacity of the trade associations and government agencies they work with — this project aims to boost livelihoods, increase productivity in the shrimp and prawn industries, and improve food quality and safety in Bangladesh.


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