Jennifer Holthaus

Program Officer, Clean Energy, Environment and Water

Jennifer Holthaus is a Program Officer in Winrock’s Clean Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) group, and was the founding director of Winrock’s John D. Rockefeller 3RD (JDR3) Scholars Program. Holthaus joined Winrock in 2004 to design and launch Winrock’s JDR3 Scholars Program, which aims to honor the Rockefeller family legacy of supporting developing country scholars to address challenges facing the rural poor. Holthaus worked with members of the Rockefeller family and Winrock’s board of directors to raise a $2 million endowment for the JDR3 Program, which provides policy research grants and builds the capacity of researchers to provide evidence and recommendations directly to donors and policymakers. Holthaus currently manages Winrock’s efforts to accelerate markets for smallholder agriculture-related renewable energy technologies, including solar water pumps and solar chillers; she also manages the CEEW group’s engagement with key private sector and foundation partners. She has lived in Colombia and the Dominican Republic, and has worked in Southeast Asia, China, Bangladesh and Kenya. Before joining Winrock in 2004, Holthaus was a Program Officer in the Packard Foundation’s Conservation and Science group. Holthaus has an M.S. in environmental engineering from Stanford University and an M.A. in energy and resources (ERG) from the University of California, Berkeley.